Day 10

"Pillars of white billow from my skin, and if anyone would witness this man under a streetlight at 4:30AM, I bet they thought I was a man of steam." -Marcus #nanowrimo2019 #day10 #firstdraft #arise

Day 9

"Heat rises from my chest, and I unbutton my color to release more steam." -Marcus #nanowrimo2019 #day8 #draft1 #arise

Day 7

"I wipe the blood from my lips and spit it next the remnants of something diseased, hungry and insane. " #nanowrimo2019 #day7

Day 6

" The pain of today was the same the first moment I lost her, and the demon in me would not let this go." - Marcus #nanowrimo2019 #day6

Day 5

"In that cafe, she pulled back the collar on my sleeve and rubbed my scarred arm with a soothing voice and a full smile." - Marcus #nanowrimo2019 #day5

Day 4

"She haunts my dreams, and our memories together taunt me on these these murderous nights." -Marcus #nanowrimo2019 #day4

Day 3

"I breathe in the cold January air. I breathe out steam, and I shudder, coughing sharp black matter onto the dark ground." -Marcus #nanowrimo2019 #day3

Day 1

I ache for her. A  blue halo freezes the silhouette around me as winter's breath whistles in my ears. The wind rattles vibrant memories immune to the fade of  memory and pulls my heart to somewhere I knew too well for a too short a time. #nanowrimo2019 #day1