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" There is madness sleeping deep inside of us.  To obsessed like me, this weakness only exists so we can master it.  Only science could hammer the irrational fear, insecurities and angry synaptic firing in our brains into a higher frequency.  Only a higher intellect could destroy our limitations and create a better world.


Destroy the structure of society.  Kill the hero.  Enforce the rational over the irrational. That's what I wanted. I wanted my fame. I wanted to change today, so I could be the master of tomorrow.


Turns out I'm not the only one that wants this. There are creaks and cracks in the world full of madness. Cracks in the weakness.  Creaks in reality's limitations.


I  found a place that will allow me to build my world.  They think they trapped me. By locking me in a lab with the resources I require, I am no one's prisoner. They are unlocking my bliss.  In this madness, I evolve into someone else.


I don't need sleep or food or water to sustain me. I just need my science to master today.  Time doesn't matter when only you can see the madness that's coming.


I look to the left, and I can see the path that created today. I look to the right and I can see tomorrow shaping, waiting to change me. My flesh will burn. My body will rot, but I will live. I embrace the madness. 

I look at you. I turn left and see your history flip before me. I turn to the right, and I see your end.

I can see tomorrow. Can you? "

- The Journal of Thomas Timely

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