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"There is a gory truth of the living: life fuels life. The meat between your teeth once had fiber caught between its teeth.


Life fuels life.


This fuel powering every breath comes in five tastes for the

mere mortal, but what about the monstrous ones?


Does the blood of innocent quell the predators of the night? Would the nectar of the gods taste more bountiful than rotted brains to a zombie? Why not cater to monsters of the night versus letting them roam?


Enter a shape-shifting entrepreneur to open a butcher shop

full of meats desired by the nocturnal.


Only those with super-natural eyes and noses know the butcher

shop of Monster Meats located at the end of Uncanny Lane and

Amazing Avenue is open to customers.


Monstrous customers.


So if you are one of the creatures that go bump in the night: get in line, grab a number, and enjoy my Butchery."

- Korrie Korestine
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