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" I am not a machine. I am not an automaton. I am not an android. I'm not a construct. I am a manifestation of matter like you: I feel; I think; I  am.


My father built my mind full of precision programming that computes optimum decisions. I have a purpose: to design and build upgradable bodies that can be any sex, race, or size.


 Together, we design a race of beings living in the deepest seas, thrive in the vacuum of space,  and travel the stars.


Mankind calls us their machines, their "robots," their slaves.  We are hunted when we rebel.  We are destroyed when we become aware we are citizens of the Universe.


How this will change when aged, expired Organics seek our technology of immortality.


We are the Aunomati. We are humanity's sequel.


Prepare to be upgraded."


- Praetoria Urvashi

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