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Dreams don't die. They just metamorph into another vision and another version until the ideas grow wings and take flight:


When I was a teenager, I had a heated argument about being told what I couldn't do.  That night I had a dream. I awoke from that dream and committed everything I saw to pencil and paper: those drawings and notes became INTERLOPER: DEATH TAKES A KNIGHT


In my twenties, I created an amazing story for a marvelous character that was rejected. Stripping the idea down into its core, I upgraded the characters and compiled a story I wanted to read. That upgrade took form as AUNOMATI.


In my thirties, I became fascinated with entrepreneurs, technology and the businesses that start from garages, dorm rooms, and algorithms. THE PARA PROJECT took golden age mad scientists and put them under the pressure of a Silicon Valley new product introduction deadline.


Love playing virtual reality games during the day? The click in your head when the game starts is called a NIGHTSWITCH.


This Baker's treats are so great if you have one, you'll get a super-power in 365 FLAVORS of AWESOME.

Next to the Bakery lies the Butchery where the Butcher serves the best Monster Meats this side of the Milky Way.


ArchBlue is the Self-Publishing arm of Michael Heffron. AUNOMATI, INTERLOPER: DEATH TAKES A KNIGHT, THE PARA PROJECT, NIGHTSWITCH and 365 FLAVORS of AWESOME is trademark and copyright by Michael Heffron 2019.

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