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365 Flavors of Awesome

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"There are five different flavors a human can taste: sweet, sour, bitter, savory and umami. 10,000 taste buds containing 50 to 100 taste receptor cells coat the human tongue.  That's a million receptors for five flavors. 


What a waste of biology.  


With my refined tongue, I  can taste a menu of emotions like hope,  joy, and love. I can savor sights like sunrises and sunsets, and who could forget the taste of rainbows? After all, who doesn't love rainbows? Rainbows taste like magic, but if you never tasted magic, you don't know what you are missing. That's when I knew I had something.


Knowing this, I pontificated for a while.  If I can taste objects that others can see or smell, why shouldn't men taste passion or women taste romance or boys taste adventure and girls taste dreams? Since I have nothing else to do for a while, I decided to do like any other being like me would do in my position:


I opened a bakery. "


- Elizabeth Procyon

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