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"I was normal once.


I had a daughter. I had a blog. I had an ex-husband I hated. Good things.


I was a beta-tester. Send me your latest iDevice, and I'll hack it, crack it, and smack it up as either hallelujah on high or cut it to the quick my one million follower fan-boys will sink your first-year sales.


Virtual reality is all the la-dee-dah right now. IMHO, anything to get off these glaring screens. Screens everywhere. Polluting my eyes and polluting Mother Earth.


Imagine my joy when one of these virtual reality boys I never heard of sends me their latest screen killer. An eye-glass light contraption that maps your hands and your position to their uber powerful satellite feeds. Their visual feed filters are insane. Ultraviolet worlds of adventure. Being the lead assassin of a cyber gang of Artifical Intelligence. 


Easy to get lost in the days playing. So easy I forget to blog about them. So easy I don't remember taking them off or putting them back on my head.


My arms ache. Where did this cast come from? What day is it? What is happening?


I (forgot I) have a daughter.  WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?"

- Monica Flyes

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