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To My Grandson:


In the universe, there are large reaches of what we think is empty space. We think there is nothing between stars, between atoms, between thoughts:  We are wrong.


If you listen closely, the Universe has a sound. The vibrating tapestry of wavelengths from the first moment to the current second of the Universe (and if you listen closely enough, you hear the one before). I am not speaking about the sound derived from sound waves derived deafening x-ray’s or the beauty of the ultraviolet or the intensity of the infrared, but the oars of vibrating strings on the ocean of quantum foam that creating the mass and field between you and I.


Attune your ears to the song of those strings child, and the distance between you and those you love will cease to be.  Not only with your perspective change but your reality of knowing that everything can be possible if you listen closely to what the Universe shares with you. 


I imagine this is hard to believe,  but I can tell you this:


If you focus on the darkness, you will see only the reflection of your own mind. If you focus only on the  light, you will be blinded by your own judgement, so look to the in-between and see what the Universe truly is: the projection of the in-between, the Intermediate of nothing and everything.


My greatest contribution to mankind is that I understand the Universe to be the Intermediate:  a projection from infinite power through the prism that generates the eternity of our Universe. Those in my Project have either witness a glorious miracle or a damnation depending if they chose the light or the dark.  For me, I chose the prism, and that’s what I leave to you.


My body was made into this prism and thankfully I transformed my uniform into an extension of me. This part of me, I leave to you for your eyes and ears to hear and witness after I cease to be in this Intermediate as I move to another to pursue my work and finish my mission


What  is the mission you may ask? Put on this coil and follow me.


Your Loving Grandfather, 


Archibald Merrick

The Exemplar is a limited edition convention exclusive.
Exemplar is found in The Para Project and Monster Meats.
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