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Interloper: Death Takes a Knight


All things pass.


The sun rises and sets.  The moon pulls and releases the seas. Life flourishes and declines.  Mortality is defined by a brief time among the living.


However, at the beginning of time, immortal Denizens fell from the stars and carved out the worlds for their own,  planning to reign forever in a 

universe of fire. To prevent this, a Reaper descended to trim the immortal ranks and entrapped the Denizens in their grim, hollow worlds.


Now, the struggle restarts.  The Denizen king has been freed from his prison, and he has recreated his immortal ranks. To counter this 

threat, the Grim Reaper creates his own immortal champion to serve as his assassin, his skeletal hand, his GrimKnight.


This is his origin.

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